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List of our valued customers for whom we have a proud to supply machines like pulversier, crusher and other machines.

Sr No. Name of the party Station Name of the Machines
1. M/S Tata Refractories Ltd. Belpahar Ball Mills, Roll Crusher
2. M/S Bakelite Hylam Limited Hyderabad Impex pulverizer
3. M/S Western Refra - Cast (P) Ltd Ahmedabad Impex pulverizer, Hammer mill, Ball mill, Conveying System
4. M/S Maps India Ltd. Ahmedabad Hammer mill, Ball MIll, U Mixer Conveyors etc.
5. Nanding Rolling Mills Banglore Shredder & Baling Press
6. M/S Madhu refractories Ltd. Morbi Roll Crusher
7. M/S Orient Abbrasives Ltd. Baroda Roll Crusher & Jaw Crusher
8. M/S Shree Minerals Kutch Contionuous Ball Mill
9. M/S Atin Industries Ahmedabad Spice pulverizer
10. M/S Nova Formaid Industires Panipat Impex pulverizer
11. M/S Kamlesh Agencies Madras U-Mixer & Spice pulverizer, Roll Crusher
12 Shree Pramukh Steels Ahmedabad Shredder & Baling Press
13. M/S. Shree Digvijay Cement Co.Ltd. Ahmedabad Hammer Mill & Impex pulverizer
14. M/S. Grindwell Norton Ltd. Banglore  Pyramidal U-Mixer cum Blender
15. Devesh Metacast Pvt.Ltd. Ahmedabad Baling Press 
16. M/S. Coal India Limited Calcutta Jaw Crushers
17. M/S. Frigmairs Engineers Ltd. Bombay Jaw Crushers, Vibrating Screen, Disintegrators, impex pulverizer, Ball Mills, Spice pulverizers etc.
18. Saibaba Rolling Mill Ahemdabad Shredder
19. Bhaidhyanath Pharmacy Ltd. Nagpur Disintegrator, Spiceimpax pulverizer
20. West Bengal Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Calcutta Impex pulverizer with S.S parts
21. Unjha Pharmacy Ltd. Unjha(Guj) Disintegrator & Hammer Mill
22. M/S. Panchmahal Industries Godhara Continuos Ball Mill
23. M/S. Bombay Minerals supply Co.Ltd. Jamnagar Jaw Crusher, Continuous Ball Mill pulverizer, Roll Crusher
24. M/S. V.K. Aerochem Limited Vapi Impex pulverizer
25. M/S. Bharat Heavy elect. Ltd. Hyderabad Double Roll Crusher
26. M/S. Mineral products Godhra Continuous Ball Mill
27. M/S. Shree Hanuman ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals Habsiguda Disintegrator
28. Electrotherm International Ahmedabad Shredder, Crusher
29. M/S. Mardia Alloys & steels & Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad Jaw Crusher, Hammer Mill, Vibratingscreen
30. M/S. ACE Ferro Alloys (P) Ltd. Bhubneshwar Jaw crusher, Hammer Mill, Ball Mill, Impex pulverizer and spice pulverizer
31. M/S. Adgums Pvt. Ltd Ahmedabad Impex pulverizer
32. Mittal Steels Banglore Baling Press & shredder
33. M/S. Western Minerals Kutch Impex pulverizer & Jaw Crusher
34. M/S. Umachem & Minerals Ahmedabad Impex pulverizer & Jaw Crusher
35. M/S. Rimjhim & Refractories Katni Impex pulverizer & Disintegrator, Ball Mill, Magnetic Separator & U-Mixer
36. M/S. Bafna Enterprises Cochin Impex pulverizer & Spice Pulverising plant
37. A.A.Alloys Hindupur Baling Press & shredder
38. M/S. Duggal Brothers Madras Spicing plant
39. M/S. Shree Yogeshwar Industries Mehsana Impex pulverizer, Jaw Crusher & Spice pulverizer
40. M/S. Atthiappa Chemical (P) Ltd. Pondicherry Jaw Crushers
41 M/S. Rajdhani chemical (P) Ltd. Siliguiri Impex pulverizer & Jaw Crusher
42. Khyati Minerals Porbander Impex pulverizer
43. M/S. Govind Madhav Industires Mehsana Hammer Mill & Impex pulverizer
44. M/S. Rathore Industries Bathote(Jammu) Impex pulverizer
45. Kashi vishwnath Steel Kashipur Baling Press & Shredder
46. Rukmani Steel Banglore Baling Press & Shredder
47. M/S. Laxmi Quarry works Panchmahal Jaw Crusher
48. M/S. Proyosha Minerals Chota Udaipur Jaw Crusher & Roll Crusher
vibrating screen
49. M/S. Maytn Coconut (P) Ltd. Amalapuram Disintegrator
50. M/S. Mahavir Coconuts Banglore Jaw Crusher & Disintegrator
51. M/S. Mayuka Chemicals Secundrabad Disintegrator & Impex pulverizer
52. M/S. Sincia Bone Mills Co. Banglore Disintegrator
53. M/S. Southern Salts P.Ltd. Chikola(A.P) Disintegraotr & Hammer Mill
54. M/S. Krishna Industries Hyderabad Jaw Crusher & Disintegrator
55. M/S. Blue Bends Petrochemicals Ltd Ankleshwar Impex pulverizer & Disintegrator
56. M/S. Shramik Chemicals Ahmedabad Impex pulverizer
57. Eric Alvaccs Orrissa Jaw Crusher & pulverizer
58. Chandra Ferro Metals India P.Ltd. Valsad Disintgrator
59. Mahalaxmi Plastics Ltd. Pipodara Hammer Mill & pulverizer
60. Arihant Steel Muzaffernagar Baling press, Shredder
61. Nirmala Chemicals Ahmedabad Pre Crusher, Vibrating Screen & Ball mill.
62. Fajhna Chemicals Junagadh pulverizer, Jaw Crusher & Ball mill
63. Prithvi Chemicals Mfg. Co. Banglore Ball Mill
64. M/S. Shree Amba Foods P.Ltd. sanand Hammer Mill & Conveying System
65. Bansal Alloys Muzaffernagar Baling press
66. M/S. Patel Mozaik Marbles & Metals Orissa Jaw Crusher & pulverizer
67. M/S. Indosol Drugs Ltd. Ankleshwar Impex pulverizer
68. M/S. Vanraj Minerals Palanpur Jaw Crusher & pulverizer
69. M/S. Radhika Engg. Corpn. Hyderabad Jaw Crusher
70 M/S. Konark Stone Industries Birmitrapur Jaw Crusher & Roll Crusher
71. M/S. Atin Industries Ahmedabad pulverizer, Hammer Mill, Ball Mill & Spice pulverizer
72. M/S. Vadilal Industries Ahmedabad Impex pulverizer & Vinrating Screen
73. M/S. Kanoria Chemicals & Inds. Ltd. Ankleshwar U-Blender & Hammer Mill
74. M/S. Flxo Chem Industries Ahmedabad U-Blender & Disintegrator
75. M/S. Tirupati Balaji Tobacco Ganjam Impex pulverizer, U-Blender & Disintegrator
76. M/S. Vimalnath Chemicals Ahmedabad Hammer Mill
77. M/S. Amol Diclite Ltd. Mehsana Disintegrator
78. M/S. Mukiasrm Fresh Foods Delwada Impex pulverizer with water cooling system
79. M/S. Elite Chemicals Ahmedabad Pre-Crusher
80. Padma Industries(C/O. Trichy Steel) Tiruchirapally Shredder
81. R.L. Steel Pvt. Ltd. Aurangabad Shredder
82. M/S. Umta Gramodyog Umtavishnagar Impex pulverizer
83. M/S. Trio Pharma Ahmedabad Impex pulverizer & U- Blender
84. M/S. Ruchita Enterprise Ahmedabad Jaw Crusher, Roll Crusher, Hammer Mill
85. M/S. Modi Chemicals Inds. Ankleshwar Impex pulverizer
86. M.S. Ami Herbal Pharma Uttarsanda Disintegrator & Spice Pulverising Plant
87. Metrament Ferro Alloys Ltd. Bombay Roll Crusher, Jaw crusher, Hammer Mill
88. M/S. Hitiksm Enterprises Ankleshwar Impex pulverizer
89. M/S. Kaypee Steels Goa Baling press, Shredder
90. M/S. Associated Silicates Pvt. Ltd. Katni Jaw Crusher & Ball mill
91. M/S. Ellora Steel Ltd. Aurangabad Baling Press, Shredder
92. M/S. Rubb Steel Kolhapur Shredder & Baling Press
93. M/S. Ashahi Chemicals Ind (P) Ltd. Mehsana Impex pulverizer
94. M/S. Saurashtra Calcine Bauxite Ltd. Porabandar Hammer Mill, Screw Conveyor & Belt Conveyor
95. M/S. Nerla Soya Foods Pune pulverizer, Hammer Mill, Spice pulverizer
96. M/S. Maneklal & sons Ltd. Bombay Exported diff. machines
97. M/S. Chamak Lime Industries Ahmedabad Vibrating screen and conveyors
98. M/S. Alpine Ceramic Industries Ankleshwar Continuous Ball Mill, Vibrating Screen & Confeyors etc.
99. M/S. S.M. Enterprises Belgaum Shredder
100. M/S. Lucky Enterprises Belgaum Shredder
101. M/S. Rasai Carbonates Pvt. Ltd Madras Hammer Mill & Jaw Crusher
102. M/S. Vinayak Carbonates (P) Ltd. Madras Jaw Crusher
103. M/S. Balajee Enterprises (P) Ltd Madras Jaw Crusher
104. M/S. Ambica Minerals Industries Palanpur Jaw Crusher & Roll Crusher
105. M/S. Asian Paints (P) Ltd. Ankleshwar Lump crusher
106. M/S. Vijay Laxmi Minerals Inds Orissa Jaw Crusher & Rotary Screen
107. M/S. Classic Activations Billimora pulverizer, Jaw Crusher, & Ball Mill
108. M/S Bhagwati Chemicals Ind. Siliguiri Calcinator, Jaw Crusher, Pre- Crusher & pulverizer
109. M/S. Condequip Engineers (I) P. Ltd. Bombay Vibrating Screen & Jaw Crusher
110. M/S. Saurashtra Chemicals Ltd. Delwada Disintegrator, Roll Crusher, Ball Mill
111. M/S. Shri Laxmi Industries Musri Shredder
112. M/S V.K. Enterprise Ahmedabad Disintegrator
113. M/S. Finex Sieves Pvt. Ltd. Baroda Ball Mill
114. M/S. Ganga Exports Valsad Ball Mill & Jaw Crusher
115. M/S Mardia Alloys & Steels Ltd. Ahmedabad Shredder
116. M/S. Laxmi Spice Inds Palanpur Spice pulverizer, Hammer Mill & U- Mixer
117. M/S. Shree Vinayak Inds Sagar Spice pulverizer
118. M/S. Surya Spice Industries Calcutta Spice pulverizer
119. M/S. Capital Chemical & Ceramic P.Ltd.      Continuos Ball Mill
120. M/S. Shree Rajpipla Amar Carbon                    
121. Chemical Industries Rajpipla Continuos Ball Mill & Conveying System
122. Ajyad Adhesive Factory Saudi Arabia Continuos Ball Mill, Vibrating Screen & Micro Sizer , Bucket Elevator, Belt Conveyor
123. Hindalco Industries Renukoot, U.P Ball Mill, Jaw Crusher
124. Labh Machineries Ahmedabad Screw Feeder, Belt Conveyor
125. Sunny Earth Minerals Erandol, M.S Ball Mill, Jaw Crusher, Roll Crusher Impex pulverizer, Vibrating Screen, Screw Conveyor
126. Carbon Craft Varanassi, U.P Ball Mill, Roll Crusher, Bucket Elevator, Vibrating Screen
127. Gold Valley Chemical Corpn. Sharjah , UAE Impex pulverizer, Micro Sizer, Roll Crusher, Dust Collection Systems, disintegrator, Conveyor Belts.
128. Eoas Organics (Pvt) Srilanka Ball Mill
129. Bahar - Al -Arab Sharjah Baling Press
130. Blue Stone Industries Dubai, UAE Baling Press, Shredder
131. Progrex BDN.BHD Malasia Shredder / Crusher, Conveyor, Vib. Screen etc.
132. Uttra Steel Dhaka Shredder / Crusher.

Many of our machines are being exported to various conuntires through different exporters/ export houses.