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Pellet Mill

Pellet Mill

The remain material is to be sent to Pellet mill. Palletizing is a process to compact finely pulverized material into firm mass of a required shape and size by extruding it through a metallic ring die. Finely Elevator fed the material into the Pellet Mill through a feeder and then pressed into a rotating ring die with the help of two press rolls free to rotate on their respective shafts. The resulting pressure compresses the material and extrudes it through the holes in the die.

Steam is mixed in the feed to decrease the friction and to better cohesion. High temperatures of steam results in gelatinization of raw starch present in Cattle ingredients.

Residence time inside the conditioner can be changed by either altering the speed or by adjusting the angle of paddles. Auto lubrication system ensures proper lubrication to all the bearings. The main pulley is dynamically balanced with construction in heavy duty MS plate.