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Pneumatic Conveyor

Pneumatic Conveyor

Precious Pneumatic Conveying Systems are designed to convey dry powder or grains from one place to another, which may a combination of horizontal as well as vertical conveying, even through some intricate path. While conveying material it may be lifted from one or more than one place and similarly may be dropped at one or at many places.

Basically the system works with the help of one or more suction fans to generate negative pressure, which picks up the material and material moves with the air. Usually air and material are separate in the cyclone separator where the material comes down in the cyclone and air comes out from the top of cyclone, which is being delivered to a filter bag house. In some cases air mixed with material may directly be taken in the filter bags avoiding the cyclone

To design the conveying system following information must be forwarded to us:
  • 1. Physical Properties of the material like density, abrasiveness, particle size distribution, temperature, moisture content etc.
  • 2. Any other special characteristics of the material like explosive, hygroscopic, heat sensitive, corrosive, affinity/reaction with Mild Steel.
  • 3. Rate of conveying that is quantity to be conveyed in one hour.
  • 4. Distance, Height, bends etc. with full layout of the suggested path of the conveying.
  • 5. Any specific material of construction if require.